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The International Center is committed to facilitating an enriching college experience for the international community at UC Irvine. Meet Your Fellow Anteater is an opportunity for us to connect international students by highlighting the involvements, accomplishments, and experiences of the outstanding students in our community. Don't be afraid to say "hi" when you see your fellow anteater around campus. 


Yuchao (Henry) He

Year : 4th Year Undergraduate
Major : Business Administration
Home Country : Inner Mongolia, China
Native Language : Mandarin

1. What is your favorite American food/snack?

My favorite American snacks/food would have to be gummy bears, coca cola candy, and In-n-Out. I think gummy bears and coca cola candy became my favorites because I love gummy candies and also the flavors are different from the snacks back in my home country. I enjoy eating a meaty hamburger every once in a while and In-n-Out really hits the spot.

2. If you could have a conversation with one person (fictional, living, deceased) who would it be and why?

If I could have a conversation with one person it would Cristiano Ronaldo because he is my favorite soccer player. I would probably ask him about some soccer techniques and ask him about his car collection. 

3. What are three words you would use to describe yourself and why?

If I were to describe myself, it would be healthy, food-loving, and friendly. First, having a good health condition is very important because you need to be healthy in order to do anything else. I usually go to the gym and run around the Arc field to maintain a good health condition. Second, I really love trying new foods. This is because eating foods can help you make so many friends. Third, being friendly usually helps you give people a good impression because everyone likes to make friends with someone who is easy-going and friendly.

4. Why did you choose to come to UCI for college?

I chose UCI for college mainly because I thought it was a great fit for myself and I really enjoy the environment on and off campus. Another reason I chose UCI for college is that Irvine is one of the safest cities among the U.S.; therefore, I can focus more on school and develop meaningful relationships with others.

5. Who inspires you?

My parents inspire and motivate me in life and in school because they are very hardworking and have always supported me in whatever I do, so everything I do is for them.

6. What are some of your involvements here at UCI? What drew you to these specific?

At UCI, I am involved in Accounting Association, Beta Alpha Psi, and Lambda Phi Nu. What drew me into these specific involvements/organizations would definitely have to be the people because I got to meet super friendly, driven, and diverse individuals, which made coming to UCI all the more enjoyable. These involvements have also helped me become more professional and provided many opportunities for career development.

7. What are some similarities and differences that you’ve noticed between your home country and the U.S.?

Some similarities I have noticed between my home country and the U.S. would have to be that there are kind people everywhere. Some differences that I have noticed between my home country and the U.S. would have to be the night life. Everyone goes for walks in the park or go out to eat late in the night in my home country, the streets are always alive!

8. What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them? / What advice do you have for other international students currently adjusting to life in the United States?

Some challenges that I faced would be moving to a different country for schooling. I came from a small city and moving halfway across the world for school was a very different big adjustment. I overcame this by being more active on campus through joining clubs and organizations where I met diverse people who have helped me adjust to American culture. I guess my ultimate advice for other international students currently adjusting to life in the U.S. would be to not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone by joining clubs you thought you would have never joined because there are always kind people out there willing to be your friend and help you get adjusted.

9. What is your favorite experience in the United States so far?

My favorite experience in the U.S. so far would be attending my first NBA game and traveling with friends

10. What would people be surprised to know about you?

 I was part of a soccer team when I was younger and competed with other schools.

11. As an international student, what have you learned (or are learning) that has made a difference in your life.

What I have learned that has made a difference in my life is definitely to not be afraid to reach out to others for help. Sometimes we cannot handle everything on our own and having more people involved can actually make things easier.


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