B-1/B2/WB/WT Visa Classification

The B-1/B2/WB/WT visa classification may be used by an individual who will have a short-visit to the United States. Reimbursement payment for honoraria is allowed under certain conditions. Refer to the Certification of Academic Activity, http://ucop.edu/financial-accounting/policies-and-guidance/tax-forms-information/taxation-non-resident-aliens/honorarium-payments.html, and the Honorarium Payment to B1/B2 Visa Holders, http://ucop.edu/financial-accounting/_files/taxation/coaa.pdf. It is not intended for use by a scholar accepting a formal academic appointment.

This category is used for individuals who are at UCI for a short-visit, where the visitor will not be paid, and will not have a formal appointment at the university. Activities might include presenting or attending a scientific, educational, professional conference, attending a meeting, or giving a talk. 

If the university is benefitting from the visit, if equipment and facilities used are owned or operated by the university, the contents of the visit and/or research activity undertaken might result in the form of a published work, patent or discovery at a later date, and/or the visitor is involved in a formally structured program, use of the B1/B2/WB/WT visa will contradict U.S. Department of State guidelines. In such cases a J1 visa would be the appropriate visa status. The Department of State has made clear that any visitor to a U.S. academic institution who engages in a collaborative activity or research, and whose activity will benefit the hosting institution, should be sponsored on J1 visa. Scholars who are here to do research or teach require an official UCI appointment and should be under the J-1 visa / H-1B visa.


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