H-1B Temporary Workers

The H-1B is a nonimmigrant visa status that allows a nonimmigrant to work temporarily for a specific employer in a “specialty occupation”. A “specialty occupation” is one that requires a specialized body of knowledge and usually requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to enter the profession.

The H-1B candidate must demonstrate that he/she is qualified for the position and must possess the knowledge and skills needed for the position. The required degree must be in a specialty field.

All employees in H-1B status sponsored by UCI must sign up to the mailing list for UCI International Faculty and Scholars that can be found here. Employee must remain in the mailing list until he/she is no longer employed at UCI in an H-1B status.

RequirementsMaintaining StatusResources
Eligibility Criteria U.S. Government Regulations Address Update
UCI H-1B Policy Changing Employers Banking Options
Frequently Asked Questions Scholar Departure Form Driving in the U.S.
H-4 Dependents Information Taxes in the U.S.
Traveling as an H-1B
Statement by H-1B Holder
New Scholar Check-In


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