Undergraduate Students: Enrolling in Less Than

12 Units

As an international student, you must be enrolled in at least 12 units each quarter. Immigration regulations allow for enrollment below 12 units under certain conditions. To maintain your immigration status, you must request authorization from an International Center advisor before dropping below 12 units. Your SEVIS record must be updated to reflect your enrollment status.

    As an undergraduate F-1 or J-1 student, you may drop below 12 units for one of the following reasons:
  • Academic Difficulty: If you are an international student having difficulties adjusting to the teaching methods or with the English language, you can request to enroll in less than 12 units with approval from an academic advisor. This reason can only be used one time.
  • Final Quarter: You may enroll in less than 12 units if you need less than 12 units to complete all degree requirements. Once your reduced course load is signed by an international student advisor, your SEVIS record will be updated with this information. You are expected to graduate/complete all degree requirements at the end of the quarter which you requested a reduced course load.
  • Health/Medical: If you are an international student and need to be absent for one quarter or take less than 12 units due to a medical/health condition, you will need to provide documentation substantiating the medical condition.
    • You must provide a doctor's note from a California Licensed Medical Doctor, Doctor of Osteopathy, or Licensed Clinical Psychologist. The letter must include a recommendation from the doctor to take a reduced course load or be absent during the petitioned quarter due to a medical condition and must state that you are under a doctor's care. Only letters on original doctor/hospital letterhead will be accepted.
    • It is strongly recommended that you schedule an appointment with an IC student advisor for specific instructions prior to requesting a leave of absence due to medical/health reasons.

  If you qualify for one of the above reasons to drop below 12 units, please complete the                                     Undergraduate Reduced Course Load Request form.


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