Academic Training

J-1 Academic Training (AT) is work authorization for off-campus employment related to your field of study. UCI is the program sponsor responsible for reviewing your application and granting the authorization. If you are a student who is sponsored by an institution other than UCI (such as Fulbright/ IIE) contact your sponsor for information on Academic Training eligibility and procedures.


To be eligible for Academic Training, you must:

  • Be in good academic standing at UCI
  • Receive written approval from the International Center before beginning Academic Training
  • Participate in training related directly to your major/field of study
  • You may have more than one job at a time, as long as all are related to your field of study and separate Academic Training applications are submitted for each job.
  • If changing employers while on Academic Training, there cannot be a gap in employment dates.

Pre-Completion Academic Training:

  • Maintain full-time enrollment (12 units) during academic training quarter.

Post-Completion Academic Training:

  • Submit an Academic Training application to the International Center before the end date of your program (allow 7 business days minimum for processing).
  • Academic Training must begin within 30 days of your program end date.
  • Maintain health insurance coverage for yourself and any J-2 dependents through the duration of your academic training.
  • If you plan to enroll to take additional courses during Post-Completion Academic Training, the courses must be incidental (not degree seeking).
  • Notify the International Center if you will end your Academic Training before the approved end date.
  • Depart the U.S. before the end of your 30-day grace period when AT is completed.

Length of Academic Training


Work Length

Additional Notes

Non-Degree EAP


Maximum 18 months or the length of your program (whichever is shorter)

Letter of Recommendation to be provided by UCI Study Abroad Office


Maximum 18 months or the length of your program
(whichever is shorter)



Maximum 18 months or the length of your program (whichever is shorter)



18 months; or 36 months (maximum) at post-doctoral level


Work Hours During Academic Training

Time of Year

Part-Time (20 hours or less/per week)

Full-Time (more than 20 hours/per week)

Additional Notes


(During Your Program)



Any Academic Training (Pre-Completion AT: part-time/full-time) completed during your program will be deducted from the total time you are eligible to participate in Academic Training.

Fall/Winter/Spring Quarter

(During Your Program)



Any Academic Training (Pre-Completion AT: part-time/full-time) completed during your program will be deducted from the total time you are eligible to participate in Academic Training.

After Your Program (Post-Completion Academic Training)



Any Academic Training completed before graduation (Pre-Completion AT) will be deducted from the total time you are eligible to participate in Academic Training.

Preparing Your AT Application

  • Complete Academic Training (AT) Application
  • Employment Offer Letter (photo copy) – must include:
    • Company’s letterhead
    • Be addressed to you
    • Job title
    • Job description
    • Location of employment
    • Specify if job is paid/unpaid and salary information (if applicable)
    • Specify if work is part-time/full-time
    • Specify the exact start and end date of employment
    • Employer’s signature
    • Letter of Recommendation from Academic Department/Counselor (original)
      • You will need to provide your Employment Offer Letter to your advisor/counselor in order to receive a Letter of Recommendation.
      • Your recommendation letter must include:
        • The goals and objectives of your training program
        • A description of the training program along with the information listed in your employment offer letter.
        • How this training relates to your field of study
        • The length of time necessary to complete the goals and objectives of academic training.
        • For Post-Completion Academic Training:
          • Financial Documents (Bank Statement/Bank Letter)  
            • Provide proof of financial support in the amount of $2,000/month for living expenses during the training period.
            • If funds are provided by another person/party, please also include a letter of support from your sponsor.
        • Letter of Recommendation Sample Letter (available under UCI Departments)

Submitting Your Academic Training Application

  • Attend International Center's Employment Hand-In Sessions
    • Sessions are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9am-11am; or
    • Schedule an appointment with an International Student Advisor by calling 949.824.7249

Academic Training Application Processing

The International Center requires seven (7) business days to process your AT request. Your application will be ready on the seventh business day from the time you submitted the application. If the application is processed earlier than the seven business days you will you be notified by the International Center. Your application will not be expedited.

Picking Up Your Academic Training Application

After your AT application is processed and ready, you will receive two items from the International Center. You will receive a letter verifying the details and reminders associated with your Academic Training and a new DS-2019 with your recommendation for Academic Training.

A photo ID is required to pick up your new DS-2019. If you cannot pick up your documents in person, you can do one of the following:

  • Provide a self-addressed envelope for the International Center to mail you the new Academic Training DS-2019 documents.
  • Authorize a friend to pick up on your behalf. If a friend picks up your documents, they must have a signed Authorization Form and their photo ID.

Academic Training Evaluation

J-1 visa regulations require that you submit a final evaluation about your Academic Training experience. Submit your Academic Training Evaluation to the International Center within 10 days of the completion of your Academic Training.


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