Extending a J-1 Scholar

If a J-1 scholar requires extra time to complete their program objective at UCI, the academic department must request an extension of the DS-2019. A scholar's academic department must first approve an extension for a scholar and the academic appointment must also be extended.

Steps for requesting an extension of the DS-2019

  • Submit a complete request for an extension of the DS-2019, Form C to the International Center, along with proof funding, if applicable. 
  • Photocopy of the most recent I-94 for the scholar and J-2 dependents [if applicable].
  • Copy of AP-21, AP-PX1 or AP-VS1 with department signature to verify academic appointment is in progress.
  • Please submit the J-1 Physician's Form if the scholar is an M.D.
  • Submit Scholar Recharge Form.

When to Apply

A scholar's DS-2019 must be extended before the expiration date of the current DS-2019. The request should be submitted to the International Center at least 30 days prior to the expiration of the DS-2019. All J-1 extension requests should be submitted to the International Center through inter-campus mail or hand delivery. The normal processing time after receiving a complete request from your department is fifteen (15) business days.


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