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Inviting a J-1 Scholar

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Inviting a J-1 Scholar

The information is for an academic department that wishes to invite an international scholar to conduct research or teach at UCI. Below are the steps for inviting a new scholar to UCI.

All J-1 initial requests must be submitted to the International Center through the International Center Scholar Upload Tool. Please login with your UCInetID and follow the instructions to upload a complete J-1 initial request packet. The general processing time for a new DS-2019 visa document is 15 business days from the time a complete request is submitted to the International Center. IC Scholar Advising staff will notify the UCI host department and scholar by email once the UCI DS-2019 document is available.

Documents to Prepare for the International Center

FormRequired Supporting Information/Documents:Completed By:

Copy of Invitation/Offer Letter

  • Academic Appointment Title
  • Dates of Appointment
  • Department Contact Person and Information
  • Job Responsibilities
  • Number of Working Hours
  • Wages and Compensation (if none, list that no compensation will be offered)
  • Health Insurance Coverage (if none, list that health insurance is not provided)
  • Department Fees (if none, list that no additional fees will be charged to scholar)
J-1 Scholar DS-2019 Document Request


Initial DS-2019 Document Request

  • AP-21: Non-Senate Academic Term Appointee Employment Form, or;
  • UC-AP-PX1: Postdoctoral Scholar Employment Form, or;
  • UC-AP-VS1: Visitor Appointment Form
J-1 Physician’s Form Required only if scholar is an Medical Doctor (M.D.) Department and Scholar
English Proficiency Certification Department will attest that the J-1 scholar is proficient in the English language. Department
International Center Recharge Form Department
Mailing Information

Provide FedEx mailing labels and signed FedEx international customs forms (if applicable) to IC. Please do not use FedEx ground shipping. IC will prepare new DS-2019 for express mailing to scholar's preferred mailing address.