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Inviting a J-1 Scholar

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Inviting a J-1 Scholar

The information is for an academic department that wishes to invite an international scholar to conduct research or teach at UCI. Below are the steps for inviting a new scholar to UCI.

Processing Timeline

UCI Departments should allow at least 60 days to 90 days between submission of the DS-2019 request to the International Center and the anticipated start date of the Exchange Visitor's program. This allows for mailing, SEVIS fee payment, visa application, visa processing--including any required background checks, and travel arrangements. 

All J-1 initial requests must be submitted to the International Center through the International Center Scholar Upload Tool. Please login with your UCInetID and follow the instructions to upload a complete J-1 initial request packet. The general processing time for a new DS-2019 visa document is 15 business days from the time a complete request is submitted to the International Center. IC Scholar Advising staff will notify the UCI host department and scholar by email once the UCI DS-2019 document is available.

Documents to Prepare for the International Center

FormRequired Supporting Information/Documents:Completed By:

Copy of Invitation/Offer Letter

  • Academic Appointment Title
  • Dates of Appointment
  • Department Contact Person and Information
  • Job Responsibilities
  • Number of Working Hours
  • Wages and Compensation (if none, list that no compensation will be offered)
  • Health Insurance Coverage (if none, list that health insurance is not provided)
  • Department Fees (if none, list that no additional fees will be charged to scholar)
J-1 Scholar DS-2019 Document Request


Initial DS-2019 Document Request

  • AP-21: Non-Senate Academic Term Appointee Employment Form, or;
  • UC-AP-PX1: Postdoctoral Scholar Employment Form, or;
  • UC-AP-VS1: Visitor Appointment Form
J-1 Physician’s Form Required only if scholar is an Medical Doctor (M.D.) Department and Scholar
English Proficiency Certification Department will attest that the J-1 scholar is proficient in the English language. Department
International Center Recharge Form Department
Receiving DS-2019 Document

New UCI DS-2019 document will be electronically sent to J-1 Scholar via DocuSign

  • International Center will digitally sign and electronically send new DS-2019 to J-1 Scholar via DocuSign
  • UCI Department will also be notified once DS-2019 is available
  • J-1 Scholar will need to print a paper form of DS-2019 and sign with a pen