UCI International Center

H-1B: Forms & Information

Section 1

Below is a table of all H-1B forms and information that may be required when hiring an employee in H-1B status. Please consult with the International Center before submitting forms for review.  

Form/Information Completed By:
Application for Prevailing Wage Determination: ETA 9141 (Section E Only) Department
H-1B Department Agreement Department
H-1B Employee Information Form Employee

H-1B Exception Information


H-1B Position & Wage Information


H-1B Recapture Chart

I-129 Deemed Export (Export Control) Certification Department
H-4 For Dependents - Form I-539 Employee
Notice of Intent to File a Labor Conditional Application (LCA) Department
Sample Letter from Department Chair Department
Sample Return Transportation Letter Department
Translation and Certification Information Employee