UCI International Center

Leaving UCI

Section 1

The department must notify the International Center in advance if an H-1B holder’s employment will be: terminated/separated, visa status changes, individual has resigned from his/her appointment, individual will be taking a sabbatical leave, or, is requesting a leave of absence.

Early Completion of H-1B Employment

The department must provide a termination letter, or the employee must provide a resignation letter to the International Center if employment will end before the expiration date of the I-797 Approval Notice. The H-1B employee may be eligible for a grace period of up to 60 days.

Cost of Return Transportation

If UCI terminates the employment prior to the end date on the H-1B Approval Notice, the department must offer to pay the reasonable cost of return transportation to the employee's last country of residence.

The following may need to be provided to employee - Sample Return Transportation Letter