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Across the Bridge: Diversity Dialogue Series

Co-hosted with the Cross-Cultural Center and the Study Abroad Center

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Across the Bridge (ATB) is a place for international and domestic students to engage in open conversations about diversity in the U.S., personal identities, and cultural backgrounds and experiences.

Resuming in Spring 2023

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Across the Bridge: Diversity Dialogue

"Growing up on the Internet"

Discuss your own experiences of growing up on the internet

and share your cultural perspective with your peers!

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

5:00pm - 6:30pm

Dr. White Room, Cross-Cultural Center

Food will be provided


Past Events:

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Fall 2021

Week 8

"Who are you? Navigating through your Cultural Identity"

Spring 2021

Week 7

Have You Eaten? Addressing Recent Hate Crimes & 

Fostering Collective, Communal Care in the AAPI & International Community.

Winter 2021

Week 7

Examining Mental Health & its Barriers: How to Advocate for Yourself

Fall 2020

Week 7

COVID-19 Responses Around the World: Views based on Individualistic & Collectivistic Values

Spring 2020

Week 7

Language as the Bridge to Other Perspectives

Winter 2020

Week 7

Global Beauty Standards

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