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The English Development Workshops assist international students with strengthing their skills in academic writing, reading and vocabulary development, pronunciation, conversation, and grammar in the English language. Representatives from the Program in Academic English/ESL facilitate these workshops.

Upcoming Events

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Past Events in Spring 2018

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Resume Writing: A Key to Professional Success
Monday, April 9, 2018
Location: HIB 135
Presenter: Aziz Qureshi

Are you thinking to apply for summer internships or jobs? Have you prepared a resume yet? Do students need resumes? A well written resume is the first step toward your success, and it can hugely impact your job hunt. Come and attend this workshop to learn about creating an impressive resume in order to present yourself effectively. Attendees will learn about different techniques, rules, and formats of resume writing that are absolutely important for every student.



Ten Ways to Boost Listening Comprehension 
Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Location: HIB 135
Presenter: Anna Striedter

This workshop features ten tips on how to use Internet sources such as TED talks, YouTube videos, films, radio broadcasts, and songs effectively in order to boost your listening comprehension skills and build up your repertoire of everyday and academic words and phrases. Please join us to gain hands-on experience in applying these tips to short listening samples from a variety of sources.



Speaking Naturally: How To Sound Like a Native Speaker
Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Location: HIB 135
Presenter: Brandon Wolff

Proper pronunciation is essential for speaking, listening, and understanding.  This workshop focuses on American English pronunciation for speakers of English as second language.  It addresses rhythm, stress, reduction and linking, and similar sounds through minimal pairs.  Speaking English naturally through accent reduction at the word and sentence level.



Restaurants and Retail:  Navigating through the Language
Thursday, May 24, 2018
Location: HIB 135
Presenter: Gina Ruggiero

This interactive workshop focuses on helping English language learners develop the language skills needed when encountering typical exchanges while eating at a restaurant or making purchases at a retail store.

Target language and fixed expressions will be introduced as well as role playing everyday situations that are likely to occur at local restaurants and retail shops.  Ordering food, paying for a meal, and leaving a tip at a restaurant as well as making a purchase, a return, or an exchange at a retail store are typical scenarios that will be covered.


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