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Explore Southern California Trips (Explore SoCal)

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Explore SoCal is an opportunity for international students to experience and learn about the famous local attractions, points of interests, and other exciting activities around Southern California. Transportation is provided to participants. 

Upcoming in Fall 2023



Week 5

Explore SoCal: Griffith Observatory

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Full Day: 12pm-8:30pm

FREE roundtrip transportation ($5 deposit)

Limited Spots Available


Explore SoCal Sign-Up Process:

  1. Sign-Up on link when available

  2. Wait for an email from icprograms@uci.edu on how to reserve a spot (also includes your waiver, emergency contact form)

  3. Complete your waiver online through a provided link, turn in your completed emergency contact form, $5 deposit at International Center front office.  

  4. You will receive a confirmation or waitlist email afterwards from icprograms@uci.edu

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Can I go straight to the International Center and turn in my $5 deposit?

A: Students MUST SIGN-UP  on the online form FIRST before submitting any documents or money to the International Center front desk. After signing up, you will receive an email from icprograms@uci.edu with instructions on how to reserve your spot.

Q: What do we have to submit to reserve our spot?

A: Emergency Contact Form and $5 deposit (only $1 or $5 bills will be accepted). Waiver must be completed online.  

Q: Are scholars/extensions students able to attend the trip?

A: Unfortunately, this trip is offered for UCI students (undergraduates, graduates, and exchange students ONLY).

Q: Can my spouse/child attend the trip?

A: Family members are unable to attend the trip. For liability purposes, we will only be transporting UCI students.

Q: When is the sign-up for the next trip available?

A: The sign-up for each trip will be available after one trip is completed. Please check back on our website for updated information on when each sign-up becomes available. 

Q: May I take my own transportation there? May I go with you there and come back on my own?

A: No. Since you are attending a UCI affiliated program, you must arrive and return with the provided transportation.  

Q: How will I know if I am confirmed to attend or if I have been placed on the waitlist?

A: Once you complete the wavier online, submit your emergency contact form and $5 deposit, you will receive an email from icprograms@uci.edu notifying you whether you are confirmed or have been placed on the waitlist.  

Q: If I am on the waitlist, when will I know if I can attend the trip or not?

A: 2-3 days before the trip, a staff will email you if a spot becomes available. Students on the waitlist still have to submit their forms and deposit to be placed on the waitlist. If you are not able to attend the trip, you will be notified when to pick-up your deposit. 

Q: What will be provided by the International Center?

A: Roundtrip transportation and an opportunity to meet new people, explore and learn about local attractions and areas, and hopefully have fun! Food is not provided (we recommend bringing money to purchase food and/or packing your own lunch). 


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If you have any questions or need more information, please contact icprograms@uci.edu

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