UCI International Center

Forms & Publications

Section 1

Below is an alphabetical list of forms based on the visa type the form is used for.


Address Update
Authorization Form
Dependent Request Form
Inviting Family Members to the U.S.
Social Security Information
Visa Classification Chart

F-1/J-1 Student

2020 New International Student Handbook
2017 Programs & Activities Brochure
Academic Status Verification
Concurrent Enrollment
CPT Application
Graduate Reduced Course Load
J-1 Academic Training: Letter of Recommendation from Department
J-1 Academic Training Application
J-1 Academic Training Evaluation
J-1 Student On-Campus Employment Authorization Request
New Graduate Student Request – Department Form
New Graduate Student Request – Student Form
On-Campus Employment at an Off-Campus Site
OPT Employment Update
OPT Request Form (Pre/Post Completion)
OPT STEM: Prior Degree Checklist
SSN Student Verification Letter
STEM OPT Extension Request
Student Check-Out Form
Student Visa Document Request Form
Student Visa Document Request Form: Change of Degree Level
Travel Form for Students
Undergraduate Reduced Course Load

J-1 Scholar

English Language Proficiency Certification Form

J-1 Scholar DS-2019 Document Request (Previously Form A)

Initial DS-2019 Document Request (Previously Form B)
Extension DS-2019 Document Request (Previously Form C)
J-1 Physician Form
Scholar Check-In Form
Scholar Check-Out Form
Scholar Recharge Form
Scholar Transfer-In Request
Travel Form for Scholars

H-1B Specialty Occupation

Certification By Translator
H-1B Department Agreement
H-1B Employee Information Form
H-1B Position & Wage Information
H-1B Recapture Chart
I-129 Deemed Export (Export Control) Certification
Notice of Intent to File a Labor Conditional Application (LCA)
Sample Letter from Department Chair
Sample Return Transportation Letter
Scholar Check-In Form
Scholar Check-Out Form
Scholar Recharge Form
Travel Form for Scholars