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H-1B Specialty Occupation

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The H-1B is a temporary nonimmigrant visa status which allows an employee to work temporarily for a specific employer in a “specialty occupation”. A “specialty occupation” requires a “theoretical and practical application of a body of highly specialized knowledge, and attainment of a bachelor's or higher degree, or its equivalent, as a minimum requirement” at a wage that meets the higher of the prevailing wage or the actual wage, and the applicant must hold the required degree in a “specialty occupation” that will be employed. This means both the position and the scholar must meet H-1B eligibility criteria.

For more detailed information about the H-1B visa type, please visit USCIS website.

International applicants who desire to come to UC Irvine as a researcher or employee will need to have a department or research unit sponsor their visit.

The International Center must evaluate the prospective employee for eligibility/extension of H-1B sponsorship. For staff positions, an HR approval will be needed to proceed with the H-1B sponsorship.

Once a department has offered an appointment/position to the international scholar or employee, the scholar/employee and the department will need to work closely together to coordinate submission of the necessary paperwork to the International Center at UC Irvine. For more information please see https://ic.uci.edu/departments/h-1-departments.php .