UCI International Center

Online Classes

Section 1

In order to enroll in online courses as an international student, the following requirements must be met to maintain your immigration status.

F-1 Students

You must take a minimum of 8 units in person per quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring). If you enroll in online classes, only 4 units will be counted towards the full-time (12 units) enrollment requirement to maintain your visa status. You may take additional online courses but only 4 units will count towards the full-time enrollment requirement.

Online Courses During Summer

Continuing UCI students may enroll in online courses during summer with no minimum unit requirements.

Online Courses When Summer is the Final Quarter

Full-time enrollment (minimum of 6 units) is required when summer is your final quarter. Of this requirement, only 2 units of total enrolled units can be completed online, all other course work must be completed in the classroom.

J-1 Students

As a J-1 student you are allowed to enroll in one online course per quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring), only if online curriculum is required by a course/degree requirement.